Exterior garden lighting design ideas and tips 

In this section we have listed below some very useful ideas and tips that will help you create your own garden lighting design to enhance your outside space at night.

The size of your garden will determine how many lights you can place around it. This seems like a straight forward point, but if you try to put too many in a small space you will almost certainly overdo it. Sometimes less is more so to speak. Another factor is the amount of features you already have, be it statues, water features, ponds, rockeries, decking, patios, sleepers, walls, pergolas, pathways, flower beds, lawns and trees. All these things can be lit up at night, and knowing the layout of the garden will help to blend these features together. A good starting point would be to connect a spot or floodlight to a long extension lead and walk it round the garden at night to see what effects can be created. Lay it on the ground up-lighting a canopy of a tree, face it towards a particular object or against a fence panel to give a sense of light and space that is created. Using this method will save you a lot of time in the long run as you can establish very quickly how many fittings you may need and where your cable runs are going to go. It will be too late once all the cables have been buried and the lights installed if you haven't planned properly. Try different beam angles and wattage’s to maximise effect, even a splash of colour. A lamp as low as a 3w LED is surprisingly bright at night in the garden as it does not have to compete with natural daylight.

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