Wireless Lighting Controls - Wisebox with WIFI and Works with Android and Iphone

Published on 23 Mar 2021 by Joy McAllister

The Wise Box Version 3 Wi-Fi Kit is an updated version of the original Wise Box Kit. Version 3 features four PIR timer dials for each circuit, allowing up to 16 PIR's to be connected. The Version 3 kit includes a 4 button Keypad a 4 button key fob and a Wise Wi-fi Interface. The Wisebox unit will control your lights, water features, electric shutters and gates etc. Once programmed, place the indoor wireless switch in a suitable location and the installation is complete. Enjoy switching your circuits from anywhere in your garden or home with the remote control. The WiseBox Kit has a receiver that has four 5 amp circuits with a maximum amperage of 20 amps. The WiseBox kit can achieve up to a 200-metre range with a clear line of sight. These circuits can be changed from switching to an open circuit. Each circuit on the WiseBox is fused individually with a 5 amp fuse to protect all the circuits.
Once the 4 circuits have been apportioned they feed into the receiver box which connects to your power supply and wall switch to operate them or the use of the keyfob. 
The Wise Daisy Wi-Fi Interface works with your Wise controls system, to control all Wise Products remotely via your smartphone or tablet. This works with both iOS and Android devices using the Wise Controls app. Wise Daisy connects to your router via WiFi 2.4GHz that gives you flexible installation. Your phone or tablet connects via WiFi/3G/4G/5G data. Using the power of the cloud, you can use the app from your home or anywhere in the world.

You can add switches to the app that have flexibility on how you program them. You can copy your existing switches or program new functions that will be on your app only. You can program switches as, on/off, scene control with dimming, master off or on, you can also add a colour wheel or dynamic white wheel.

Once your switches are programmed you can create scenarios from any combination of buttons. Once a scenario has been created you have the option to copy it to a switch. This gives you new possibilities for your existing switches.

The app has an astronomical time clock built-in. You can add a timer to any of your buttons. You can set a specific time or use the sunset and sunrise option for automatic control. For each of your timers, you can set which days of the week to use. So, for example, you can set your lights to turn on at sunset and turn off at 11pm every day and set your pond pump to turn on at 2pm and turn off at 4pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is completely flexible and there is no limit to how many different timers you can add. 
Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Use Wise Controls with your voice.
Say, 'Turn on pendant lights', 'start Kitchen scene 2', 'turn off house', 'welcome home'. Create routines in Alexa, to combine other smart devices. For example, set your Ring doorbell to turn on the hall lights when it's pressed. Set your garden lights to come on when your Ring camera is triggered. Using Amazon Alexa app and the Google Home app with Wise Controls app you can really create a smart home that is fully integrated and automated.
Download the Wise Controls app in android (play store) or iOS app (Apple store).
Multiple users can use the app.
Create Switches and Configure all switches on App to with Wise receivers such as Wise Scene Box. Wise Box, Wise 1 Channel Receiver etc.
Compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa and Google Home for integration with your smart home. A maximum of 50 switches can be added to the app.
5V 1A UK plug power supply included. Download for free! For Android phones and tablets. 

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