Security Lighting - Winter is here!

Published on 07 Jan 2021 by Joy McAllister

So where's the best place to put Security Lights?

Regrettably with shortages in police forces throughout the UK we're becoming more aware that burglaries are increasing and you may yourself have been a victim of burglary.  So, now that nights have already drawn in and it's dark around 4.30pm it's time to think about how much light you have around your home.

Homes which have outdoor security lighting are less likely to be burgled than their neighbours with no security lighting or poor ineffective lighting.

Do you know which places outside need to be lit? and if you do would you know where best to install the illumination? If not, well help is on hand see below:

Light Up Entrances

The most effective use of light is where the most vulnerable parts of your outdoor space is for example such as front doors, garages and windows, therefore placing security lighting near entrances will help prevent break-ins and alert you of any unwanted intruders. Burglars don't like to be seen especially if you also have CCTV cameras nearby the lighting too. The wider the radius of light the more space is protected therefore recessed soffit lights are ideal for porch ways and soffits especially above garage doors and will pour a wash of light downwards. Not only providing illumination but giving the impression that the property is occupied even when it isn't.


Garages, Side Entrances 

Garages, side entrances, rear of properties as well as entrances also benefit from using security lights with motion detection - PIR's (passive infra-red). Motion sensors will unnerve intruders thinking they have been spotted and this way you only light the area when you need it on from a few seconds to a few minutes - you set the sensor control. So with LED lighting being very energy efficient you save even more using PIR sensors.


 Alternatively you can use Photocells, Dusk to Dawn sensors with your security lighting and these will come on automatically once it gets dark and will go off once it is light or can be controlled to go off at a predetermined time.  


Blind Spots, Alley Ways, Gardens 

Corners of your home, alley ways and angled gardens can create hiding places for intruders and also because it is not always obvious to light these areas up even though from a health and safety perspective any area that is dark and used at night should have adequate lighting.  So gardens will benefit from garden spike lights or spread-lights in border areas around the perimeter of your garden and adjustable wall lights or up/down lights for rear walls and up/down lights on the front of walls. All can be put on remote PIR sensors.








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