Lighting plants and rockeries

Putting lighting in between rocks and stones will make shadows and shapes with great effect at night and will enhance the scenery at night. There are hundreds of small low level spike lights which use LED power and can be easily concealed in these areas. Spread lights can also be used in rockery areas as a down light. Twin adjustable spike lights are also very flexible and enable you to down light or highlight an object with one lamp whilst up lighting a tree or tall shrub with the other lamp.  The bulk of lights we sell are Garden Spike Lights and the beauty of this style of light is that they come in a number of finishes to blend in with your garden and they can be moved around the soil to light whatever you're growing in your garden or want to feature. You can use coloured filters or coloured LED lamps to provide a unique shade to a particular area. Some of the spike lights have glare shields so you can direct the light where you want it and this will reduce any sideways light spillage.

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