Exterior Lights UK Ltd deal with a number of manufacturers and suppliers of lighting products. Each one has its own warranty terms. Therefore, we will state on all products that the warranty period is subject to the manufacturers/supplier’s warranty terms and this will be shown for each product on the website.
Light bulbs (lamps) have their own indicated life span and are not covered by the same warranty as many of the fittings and by default Exterior Lights UK Ltd will offer a 1 year warranty on the Light bulbs (lamps) unless otherwise stated for each light bulb (lamp) product on the website.
If any goods have been modified in any way, then the warranty will be void.
Under the terms of the warranty where a fault is reported to us, we will try to offer spare components to fix the fitting if possible, under the warranty. If this is unsuccessful, a full replacement will be offered. However, if the item is not in stock, we will offer an alternative replacement where possible or a refund.
Once goods leave the UK they will not be covered under our warranty. They are manufactured for UK use, therefore once the goods leave the UK, they will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

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